Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sweet Karlee Photo Shoot

How sweet are these pictures? Karlee is so cute and I can't wait to see her sweet smile and face under all those tubes. If you've been keeping up on Devon's blog, it sounds like it could be soon that she gets extubated (tube in her mouth) which is a huge step! Specific prayer requests this week:
1) Karlee maintains getting the extra (unnecessary) fluids out of her system.
2) That if Karlee gets extubated, that procedure goes smoothly and she transitions well.
3) That Ryan starts feeling better and he has a safe commute home and back.
4) That the fluid around her heart that the doctors were concerned about continues to not increase and the fluid around her lungs stays gone.
5) And of course please continue to pray for Devon who has been amazing during this roller coaster ride.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day One w/ new heart


The Look how long that girl is!
Devon said she is doing good this morning and thankfully Devon was able to get some rest lastnight. Stay strong Devon!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Message from Devon's Co-workers

This is an email message from a co-worker of Devon's, Colleen.

"Earlier this week the idea of wearing red in honor of Karlee and this being the Heart Healthy Week, we as your colleagues, support network, and friends, all wore Red today in honor of Karlee. It is a physical representation of our thoughts and prayers for Karlee's heart and health. Little did we know the miracle of timing! The miracle of today, and the Miracle of Karlee. This picture was taken today at 11:00am in the Yakima DCFS office. No we didn't all rush to Fred Myers, we actually came prepared wearing red!
Devon, Ryan, and little Karlee, we are all thinking of you, and whispering thoughts and prayers. Our thoughts are TRULY with all of you!!!"

This is awesome and just goes to show that God is working miracles on Karlee!

If anyone else has a story or something they want to post for Karlee and the family, please feel free to email me and I will post it for them. My email is

She's out...

...and her new heart is pumping! The surgery went well and Karlee's little body reacted well to the heart and it immediately started pumping away once in place. She is off bypass and doing well, according to Devon. As you know, this is a major surgery and Karlee is now on her way to recovery! We are so excited for this new life that she has been given and pray that her recovery goes quick and smooth with little set backs.



I spoke with Devon and she said that the surgery has been a bit delayed due to getting the new heart there. The heart is on it's way now, therefore, she will be in surgery very shortly. Devon anticipates surgery will be done around 5-6 p.m. Please also say a prayer for the family who lost their baby but giving hope to another family to keep their baby alive! Stay tuned!

Devon got the call early this morning that Karlee's new heart has arrived and it's a PERFECT match! She went into surgery this morning and is due out later this afternoon. PLEASE PLEASE keep Karlee and her family in your prayers right now. We'll keep you updated as soon as possible!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Heart Disease Awareness Day!

Mama Devon is happy and proud to hold sweet, precious Karlee. These are the moments Devon longs just hold her baby. We love you guys!


Do you remember how exciting it was when you were young to get mail? Well that's how it feels for Devon and Ryan while they are staying at the Ronald McDonald house. It brings excitement and smiles to Devon's face! Devon literally has not left a day from the hospital and she depends on her family to bring her new clothes and the bare essentials of everyday life so what better way then to send her mail to bring a smile to her face =).

If you would like to send Devon, Ryan, or Karlee something fun or special, a letter of encouragement or just to let them know you are thinking of them, or anything else the following is their address:

Devon & Ryan Jenkins
Ronald McDonald House Room # 383
5130 40th Avenue NE
Seattle, Washington 98105 .

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Team Bracelets

Show your support by purchasing a Team Karlee bracelet.

Wristbands can be purchased at many locations for the Goldendale, WA residents for $5.
Purchase is also available via USPS for the rest of us! Please send $6 which includes postage to
PO BOX 1268,
Goldendale, WA 98620.

For further information please e-mail
*Photo shortly of the bracelets*

Monday, January 26, 2009


Team Karlee is hosting a benefit
Bounty Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament
Monday, February 2nd
at 6:30 pm
at The Simcoe Café
A BBQ Hamburger dinner
Tuesday, February 10
at GoldendaleHigh School café
and a raffle with many fabulous prizes.